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13 August,2020

Kids! I, know you love to watch cartoon, and wanted to look like those superheroes you watch over television. Well you can draw your favorite superheroes, or any other cartoon character you love to watch. Here I am going to share some tips that how you can draw your favorite colorful cartoon characters.

  1. Observe them carefully

While watching cartoons observe your favorite character or the character you wanted to draw carefully. Look at its clothes, shoes, any accessories it is wearing.

  1. Now look at the colors

Now you need to observe the colors they are filled with. Bright and dull all colors. Note down the colors and keep start finding them in your stationary.

  1. Get the picture of your favorite character

Download the picture of character you wanted to draw from internet. So, that you have the picture when you start drawing the picture.

  1. Grab your sketch book and pencils

Bring your sketch book and simple drawing pencil. Keep the picture of character in front of you look at it carefully and recall all the observation about that character you noted down in your memory. Start drawing your picture.

  1. It is okay if you are not able to draw perfectly

When you start drawing it, keep it in mind at first attempt you won’t get what you want to draw. But keep practicing, keep drawing it again and again. For sure after a lot of practice you will get what you want. And at the end you will get your final drawing.

  1. Start coloring

Now as your picture is drawn, you need to color it, grab all types of colors you have. And fill your drawing exactly with the same colors as original character. You can fill color of your choice as well. Compare your drawing with the original character.

  1. Display your final drawing

As now your drawing is completed, hang it somewhere over a wall of your room or somewhere near the television.