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13 August,2020

Portrait Painting:

A portrait painting is the artistic representation of a person, animal or anything else. To draw something in a way that it gives artistic look to that thing could be consider as portrait.

We need to keep it in mind if we are drawing a person that the painting of that person that should resemble the real person but at the same time it should have artistic look in it.

Techniques That Could Help Kids in Drawing Portrait

  1. Take photo of person

Take picture of a person you wanted to draw from mobile phone or camera, put picture in front of you. Grab sketch book and black pencil, start drawing. Start from oval (for face), draw ears, then nose, eyes and eyebrows, hair should be drawn at the end.

Draw it in a simple way. You can take help from your family members or from your teachers, even from your friends.

  1. Now it’s time to color the picture

You can use any color for your drawn painting, just remember that color should be simple and looks real. You can use simple color pencils, crayons, oil paints, water colors, oil pastels.

Do remember if you have started coloring it with simple color pencil, then color whole drawing with different color pencils, don’t switch from colors pencils to crayons or to water color.

  1. It’s time to show

Now, it’s time to show your painting to people. Show it first to those who helped you in drawing. Then show it to your favorite people. You need to note all the points that people told you left or lack in your drawing.