Online art Lesson for Kids

In every child, there is a hidden artist that we need to find out. We are offering online art classes at The Animated Artist to teach your child what art is so that they can reveal the little artist inside them. With these online drawing classes, your kids will get opportunities to discover a wide range of art topics, from drawing and painting to calligraphy.

If your kid is a beginner, we will guide him/her on how to hold a paintbrush and how to color the pictures. Online tutorials and animated videos are available on our website.  

Our timings for online art lessons are flexible. Your kids can decide their timetable for online art lessons and submit their artwork whenever they want. 

If you are looking for online art classes in San Jose, CA, The Animated Artists is the best platform. Get your kid to enroll in our online drawing classes. Once your kid gets enrolling us, we will guide you to what art accessories are are required for the art classes. 

Art instructors at The Animated Artist are professional painters and illustrators; our team is based on talented artists. All of our art classes are specially designed for home study, allowing them to learn art and creativity in peace by staying at their home. Students from all around the world are learning art online with us!