About Us

Founded out of love for art and kids, The Animated Artist offers engaging animated videos for kids. Creative arts is a great way to nurture and foster creativity in kids – that’s exactly what we strive to do through our exceptionally cute yet educative art videos. Driven by our love for creativity and arts, we are a group of highly dedicated professionals who are committed to offering your kid an extraordinary learning experience full of fun and excitement. The Animated Artist is the creative and friendly teacher kids fall in love with. From confidence building to teaching simple art skills, the animated artist is your kid’s best friend.

What We


Empowered with the finest and most creative 2D animators, we constantly create exciting new animated videos for kids. We offer a diverse range of exciting, animated art videos designed for kids. The Animated Artist works its magic to create the most astounding, vibrant videos which attract young kids towards creative arts. With simple instructions and engaging animations, our videos encourage kids explore their creative side in a spectacular fashion. From oil pastels, charcoal pencil to acrylic paintings, we offer a diverse range of animated art videos to enthrall kids and enrich their creativity in a fun and engaging manner.